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  • newWhy Do Americans Pray?
    It depends on how you ask.
    - 47 mins ago, 25 Oct 14, 6:57am -
  • newGhosts Of My Youth
    There's a lot of paranormal activity in my family. Whether it is more than most other families is hard to say, but we seem to have more than most. During holidays and family events, after the adults wander into the kitchen to drink coffee or head off…
    - 2 hours ago, 25 Oct 14, 5:54am -
  • newA Natural A/B Test Of Harassment In Gaming
    Emily Greer, founder of gaming platform Kongregate, did a simple analysis of the online comments she's received and those of her husband.
    - 3 hours ago, 25 Oct 14, 4:51am -
  • newNation’s First Non-Profit Supermarket Is Picking Up Steam
    About one year ago, food justice advocates tuned in to a promising remedy for food deserts in the city of Chester, Pennsylvania. Could Fare & Square — the nation’s first non-profit full-scale supermarket — be a sustainable model in a 34,000-r…
    - 4 hours ago, 25 Oct 14, 3:48am -
  • newThe Secret History And Uncertain Future Of Comics Character John Constantine
    There's never been a comics character like John Constantine, DC Comics' trench-coat-sporting magician and wisecracking righter of wrongs. Astoundingly, he's remained largely unchanged since he first took to the page in 1985 and throughout 26 years of…
    - 5 hours ago, 25 Oct 14, 2:45am -
  • newSweden Has Its Own Font
    But they’re worried it’s maybe a little too nationalistic (at least for them).
    - 6 hours ago, 25 Oct 14, 1:45am -
  • newAn Interview With A Captured ISIS Fighter
    The power was off in the Western countryside of Aleppo, as is usually the case since the start of the revolution. "Do you have any ISIS prisoners right now?" I asked. The Sheikh nodded. "Can I interview one?" The Sheikh nodded again.
    - 7 hours ago, 25 Oct 14, 12:42am -
  • newMLB, Homeland Security And The Great Undercover Underwear Sting
    On Tuesday, undercover agents from the Department of Homeland Security entered a tiny boutique lingerie store in Kansas City called Birdies. The shop was selling cotton panties that bore the phrase "Take the Crown" and an artistic rendering of the Ro…
    - 8 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 11:42pm -
  • newAn American Drug Dealer In China
    In China’s capital, drugs are surprisingly easy to obtain, often sold in alleys surrounding Sanlitun, a popular bar area, just blocks away from a police station. Beijing officials have been trying to tackle the city’s growing drug problem for yea…
    - 9 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 10:40pm -
  • newThe King Of Swindlers
    The French confidence man who took credit for what one nineteenth-century paper called “the most gigantic swindle of our time."
    - 10 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 10:07pm -


  • newHow to Get Free Repairs Without a Valid Warranty
    Nothing sucks more than having a gadget break down and finding out it'll cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Don't have the cash to spend on a repair? Here are some tricks for fixing it even if your warranty doesn't apply.Read more...
    - 8 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 11:30pm -
  • newThis Video Debunks 10 Popular Misconceptions About Food
    No matter what you call them—myths, urban legends, old wives' tales, or misconceptions—this video tackles some of the more popular cooking and food related ones you've probably heard at some point.Read more...
    - 9 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 11:00pm -
  • newHere's a List of More Than 30 Free Image Sites That Don't Look Stock-y
    Finding decent, non-stock-y images that are free to use can sometimes be a frustrating search. This collection of over 30 image web sites contains a mountain of photos that would look just as good in your project as they would as your computer's wal…
    - 10 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 10:00pm -
  • newFind Battery Saving Tips for Almost Any Phone Model with This Index
    Smartphone battery life is getting better over time, but there's still plenty of things you can do to help keep your pocket-dwelling life assistant alive. This comprehensive index includes a wide range of battery-saving tips for models from Apple, S…
    - 10 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 9:30pm -
  • newFive Therapy Tips to Help Manage Life's Problems
    Not everyone has access to professional therapists or psychologists, but we all face life's difficulties and need to find ways to deal with them. With some simple therapeutic tactics and methods, you might be able to help yourself overcome your mor…
    - 11 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 9:00pm -
  • newGet the Scientific 7-Minute Workout on Any Device with This Web App
    When you're strapped for time, getting your sweat on is sometimes a luxury that goes by the wayside. That's where the Scientific 7-Minute Workout comes in . This newly launched web app can easily guide you through the research-based workout via a br…
    - 11 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 8:30pm -
  • newGive Yosemite a Classic, Pre-OS X Look By Tweaking These Settings
    If you find yourself yearning for the old days of OS 9, WonderHowTo shows you how to give Yosemite a classic black and white look by tweaking just a handful of settings. Read more...
    - 12 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 8:00pm -
  • newEarth View from Google Maps Puts Stunning Photos in the New Tab Page
    Chrome: Do you enjoy maps and satellite photos of Earth? Then this Chrome extension from Google Maps is for you. It simply delivers a unique satellite photo every time you open a new tab page.Read more...
    - 12 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 7:30pm -
  • newThis Week's Most Popular Posts: October 17th to 24th
    This week we uncovered the secret features of OS X Yosemite , flexed our evil muscles , discovered some strange laws , and learned the basics of photography . Here's a look back.Read more...
    - 13 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 7:00pm -
  • newThe Best Apps That Take Advantage of Yosemite's New Features
    Yosemite's been out for a week now and that means apps are getting updated to support some of its new features . From Notification Center tweaks to Continuity features, here are some of the best apps taking advantage of Yosemite.Read more...
    - 14 hours ago, 24 Oct 14, 6:00pm -

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    Tons of features specially created for personal trainers, fitness aficionados and even sport gyms Themefuse Key Features of In Shape WordPress Theme Built in workout calendar Exercise and training session Workouts module – easily add your programs…
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    Visitors will love your real estate portal because they will be able to easily search and find relevant properties Templatic Key Features of Real Estate Directory WordPress Theme Custom register form Front-end customizable submission form Agent dashb…
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    A classy & modern looking design that will definitely stand out and provide a touch of class to restuarant Themefuse Key Features of Flavour WordPress Theme Responsive design Infinite color variations Featured homepage slider Food menu layout Happy h…
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  • WP Theme: Rabat for Coupons
    Rabat has a feature that allows you to submit many types of coupon you want to publish, wether it’s a promotional coupon, coupon code or printable coupon. Colorlabs Project Key Features of Rabat WordPress Theme Dashboard area and management tools f…
    - 9 Jul 14, 2:00pm -
  • WP Theme: Music
    A theme that brings art to life for artists, events, portfolios, photographers, and even apps. Themify Key Features of Music WordPress Theme 8 color schemes Album – embed a custom playlist for visitors to listen to and enjoy Event – promote tours…
    - 7 Jul 14, 2:00pm -
  • WP Theme: Dating for Online Matching Sites
    SEO friendly dating theme with built in chat rooms, private messages, gifts/winks, membership options PremiumPress Key Features of Dating Theme Free Child Themes Online Status Indicator Chat room Invitation Custom Fields and Advanced Search Listing E…
    - 12 Jun 14, 1:00pm -